13th scientific and applied seminar on Resilience Economy held in Khatam University

Bank Pasargad, Iranian Association of Management, and Khatam University hosted 13th scientific and applied seminar on Resilience Economy.
Kamran Bajan, Hadi Mohammadi, Majid Ghassemi, and Firouzeh Khalatbari delivered their speeches upon different aspects of resilience economy. Bajan emphasized on evaluating resilience economy in regional, countrywide or even an organizational level. He pointed out some common indices such as that of WIDER institute or FM global index.
Mohammadi discussed over strengths and weaknesses of Iran’s economy and recognized powerful public sector and oil economy as the basic causes of economic recession, unemployment, etc.
Ghassemi, bank Pasargad’s CEO and head of Iranian management association gave a brief description on how the key policies of resilience economy were formed and highlighted the nature of resilience economy as a main approach of an economic system instead of a system itself.
Finally, Khalatbari presented an example of fossil fuels crisis in close future and described how it could be perceived through resilience economy. Resilience economy tries to remind us we should have the courage to endure imbalanced situations and poor welfare in case of occurring a disaster and find out how we could be able to coup that crisis, Khalatbari said.