Arzesh Pardaz-e-Aryan Company

AAICCO Investment Consulting Company

AAICCO, authorized and regulated by Iran’s Securities & Exchange Organization (SEO) is a well-established investment consulting firm part of Pasargad Banking Corporation and active in Iranian markets with most of its key directors educated, worked and experienced in US and UK as well as local markets. Here at AAICCO we pride ourselves with providing excellent quality services focused on following areas:

  • Introduction of Iranian markets through different means such as workshops, seminars, reports and executive’s education courses.
  • Financial analysis and valuation reports on different Iranian sectors, markets and financial instruments suitable for analysts, traders and higher management teams.
  • Provide the clients with unique Investment opportunities in Iran, methods of financing, wealth management and Merger & Acquisition strategies.
  • Provide full scale banking and investment services through Pasargad Banking Corporation (our parent company). These services
  • Provide diverse range of financial software based solutions in order to help you make the right decisions in the right time.

Should you or your company be interested in getting to know more about Iranian economy and investment opportunities by way of working with a trusted local partner AAICCO would be an excellent choice for you. We can offer you full investment and banking services that meet your standards and strategies. List of what we have done so far is available below.
Please get in touch with our International Relations Department for a more detailed proposal based on your requirements.


You can reach us on:
Web: www.arzeshpardaz.com
Email: s.tajik@arzeshpardaz.com
Tel: +98 21 88 0 88 116
Address: 43 Dadman Ave, Shahrak-e-Gharb, Tehran, IRAN


Title: Activities done by AAICCO investment consulting company

Financial Based
-    Capital increase

  • Valuation report of Pars Aryan Holding.
  • Valuation report of Maskan Shomal Gharb Construction Company.

-    Project valuation and management of behalf of investors

  • Bahman Geno refinery.
  • LNG production line for Iran national gas company.
  • Azar oilfield for Iran national oil company.
  • Steel production line for Zarand Iranian, Sirjan Iranian, Babak Mes Iranian.
  • Azin Ava Saveh manufacturing (Insulating Plasters).
  • Al-Fara’at hotel in Baghdad – Iraq.
  • Negin Sabz Khavarmianeh (Cutter Suction manufacture).
  • Makaroni Derakhshan Shiraz (Macaroni production plant).
  • Pasargad Bank branch in India (Appraisal, feasibility study and business plan).

-    Company valuation

  • Tide-Water (owner and operator of Iranian sea ports).
  • SEMEGA holding (Iran cultural heritage and tourism investment group).
  • Ney publishing company.
  • Pasargad Bank.
  • Gardeshgary Bank (Tourism Bank).
  • MIDCHO holding.
  • MIDCHO engineering company.

-    Establishing 5 exchange traded investment funds.

  • Total assets of these funds: $800M (2,600,000,000,000 Iranian Tomans).

Educational Based
-    Holding Iran’s first national financial engineering and risk management seminar.
-    Investment analysis course for executives and higher management of commercial and investment banks.

Software Based
-    Production and implementation of Tejarat Bank operational risk management system.
-    Production and implementation of Pasargad Bank financial modelling system.
-    Production and implementation of Pasargad Bank operational, liquidity, credit and market risk management systems.
-    Production and implementation of Mellat Bank Asset – Debt management system.
-    Production and implementation of Holdings Financial Management system for Pars Aryan holdings and Pasargad Energy holdings.