Pasargad Brokerage Company

Pasargad Brokerage Company


Founded in 2006, the firm is headquartered in Tehran and maintains offices in all major cities of Iran. With license to operate in TSE, Iran Fara Bourse, Iran Mercantile Exchange and Iran Energy Bourse, along with active branches in all of the major cities of Iran, PBB has remained amongst the TOP 10 brokerage houses in the past six years.

Stock Exchange
One of the major services provided by Pasargad Bank Brokerage Co. (PBBCO) is to carry out securities and exchange transactions involving stocks, rights, sukuk, gold coin futures, bonds and derivatives in both TSE and Fara Bourse.
In order to provide better services, the company has launched a trading room with 14 trading stations at its Tehran headquarter. Furthermore, the services concerning the purchase and sale of securities are available at 7 additional branches in Saadat Abad, Arak, Isfahan, Qazvin, Zanjan, Mashhad and Kish.

Commodity Exchange
As one of the integral elements of PBBCO, the Commodity Exchange Department has obtainedthe necessary licenses to operate in all the trading rings within Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME), covering industrial commodities (metal products, concentrates, cement, etc.), agricultural goods (wheat, barley, cotton, etc.), petroleum and petrochemical products (variety of polymeric materials, chemicals, bitumen and refined products) and futures.
Since Pasargad Bank is listed by the IME among agent banks providing transaction clearing and settlement, clients are now able to open an IME account for the futures trading, issue LoGs, open domestic and foreign LoDs, provide short-termcredit facilities andcredit collaterals within the shortest possible time.

Energy Exchange
The Energy Exchange was established to create a well-organized market entailing price discovery and trade of petroleum products, gas and electricity in the region.
As an integral element of the company, the Energy Exchange Department (EED) has been expanding every year.
According to the latest ranking as of late 2015, the EED was among the top three brokerage companies involved in the Iranian energy exchange.

International affairs:
In order to enhance the engagement of foreign investors in the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), PBBCO has commissioned an International Relations Department. Employing a team of highly experienced capital market analysts, the International Relations Departmenthas launched an analytical news blog containing a variety of materials such as daily reports on the capital market, fundamental analyses, technical reports and monthly news bulletins. Additional services provided to foreign investors around the world

Investment fund
Given the ever-increasing enthusiasm of investors about the stock market and the fact that most investors are not adequately familiar with the ins-and-outs or have little free time to personally engage in the capital market, investments are made through financial intermediaries such as funds.  The PBBCO’s Investment Funds Department has been operating independently in this field, successfully managing several funds so far, including AndisheZarinPasargad (fixed-income), AndishmandanParsnegarKhobreh (stocks) and NikukariRefahKudak (non-profit).

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Phone: +98-21-42392000 (ext: 408)


Find out more about them:   http://www.pasargadbroker.com/en  ( in Farsi )