Introduction & History
based on its capabilities in qualified human resources and unrivaled  knowledge of market, FANAP, as the strongest private Iranian ICT holding, is active in six strategic areas as below:
-    Financial Services such as banking, Insurance and stock-exchange
-    Payment & E-commerce
-    Telecommunication and Value-added services
-    Smart Health and Public Services
-    Enterprise Software Solution
-    ICT related EPC project.

In 10 years outlook, FANAP will be the number one Iranian ICT holding and will be among top 10 ICT corporation in the region.
Goals & Missions
Goals and missions of FANAP in the next 5 years are:
•  Focusing on three essential missions which are:
•    Corporate Governance
•    Business Development and Start ups
•    General Contracting
•  Try To internationalize FANAP business via:
•    Building robust partnership with world leaders in ICT business
•    Promoting export not only to neighboring countries, but also to MENA region and West African countries
•  Improving our value chain through offering progressive solutions in our strategic areas
•  Increasing customers’ loyalty as the most important factor of our business

Board Members:
Name                                                     position

Dr.Majid Ghasemi                                    Chairman of Board
Mr.Ahmad Vadidar                                   Vice Chairman
Mr.Asaad Niazmand                                 Member of Board   
Mr. Zabihollah Khazaei                             Member of Board
Dr.Shahab Javanmardi                              CEO & Member of Board

Deputies to CEO:
Name                                                                       position

Mr.Hossein Eslami                               Senior Vice President & Chief Business

                                                                          Development Officer             

Mr. Behnam Naser Nejad                    Deputy Of Financial & Economic Assessment

Mr. Alireza Saberiansari                              Supervisor Deputy Of Planning &

                                                             Organizational Reform / transformation              


Building  No.1:
No.123,No-Avari12 Alley, No-Avari Blvd., Pardis Technology Park, Pardis City, Tehran, Iran
Postal Code:1657167183
Tell:+98 76 250515
Fax:+98 76 250516

Building No.2:
No.3, East Ghobadian st., Africa Blvd., Tehran, Iran
Postal Code:1917635611
Tell:+98 21 88197022-88197018-88190705
Fax:+98 21 88327614

Find out more about them:   http://en.fanap.ir