Gharzolhassane Savings Account

    This is an interest-free savings account based on Gharzolhassane.


Garzolhasaneh Savings Accounts provide possibilities for those customers who are willing to use their additional means for spiritual purposes. They can hold their funds in Garzolhasenh Savings Accounts with all Bank Pasargad branches and withdraw it whenever desired. Please note that such accounts are not subject to any interest.


Ordinary Garzolhasaneh Savings Account (OGSA)


These accounts are usually opened for reasons like helping public cooperation, communities in need, and spiritual purposes of the customers through keeping their funds in such accounts.


Minimum amount for opening an OGSA is Rls. 50,000.-



Opening Garzolhasaneh Savings Account for Real Entities

Any person above 18 years old, or holding an issued verdict by any virtuous court certifying growth of the holder, can open accounts for themselves or on behalf those under his/her custody.


The other services include:


·        Opening of Garzolhasaneh Savings Account for Junior Orphans


·        Opening of Garzolhasaneh Savings Account by Attorney or Guardianship


·        Opening of Odrinary Joint Garzolhasaneh Savings Account


To open a joint Ordinary Garzolhasaneh Account for two or more entities, in accordance with regulations, each and every party should complete and sign the related forms, instructing the proportion and the percentage of shares of withdrawing. All other conditions are the same as an Ordinary Garzolhasaneh Account.



·        Opening of Garzolhasaneh Savings Account by Juniors 12 Years Old


·        Opening of Garzolhasaneh Savings Account by Mothers for their Junior Orphans


·        Special Garzolhasaneh Savings Account


is a special account, balance of which can be granted as interest free loan to charities, or public entities, by decision of the account holder(s).


·        Opening of Special Garzolhasaneh Savings Account


·        Granting Loans from Special Garzolhasaneh Savings Account


 Find out more:   http://bpi.ir/saving ( in Farsi )