Term Investment Account

Term Investment Account: Term Investment Account is a deposit that has a fixed term with maturity to the maximum of one year whichshould remain at least one month to provide interest.


  • Short Term Investment Account: By opening Short Term Investment account, customers can save and withdraw their funds any time and receive interest on daily basis. The minimum amount for opening this account is Rls100,000. The basis for calculating interest for this account is the minimum balance of this account in each day and the interest rates which are announced by Central Bank of Iran. If the account balance dropped to less than minimum (Rls100.000), interest will not be awarded. The depositors can access to their money by cashbook in each branch of Bank Pasargad and also cash card through ATMs, Point Of Sales and online banking.


  • Short Term Investment Account for Students: This is a Short Term Investment account which is available for students who are not reached to legal age (18 years old). It allows students to use interest on their account monthly and withdraw their funds by using debit Student Card. Short term Investment Student account is opened by the parents of the students who are introduced by their schools. Primary fees for opening this account will be paid by Bank Pasargad to encourage students to save their money.
  • Special Short Term Investment Account: This account offers all the customers short term investment with maturity of less than a year (ranges of 3 month, 6 month or 9 month Investments). The interest rate is more than Short Term Investment account interest rate and it will be paid monthly. On due date, the Investment can be extended for another 3,6 or 9 months relatively based on the customer's instruction and new conditions. The minimum amount to open this account is Rls500,000.


  • Pasargad Green Account: This is a short term investment account designed for supporters of environment whom dedicate at least 20% up to 100% of their interest for social environmental activities monthly.


  • Online Stock Trading Investment Account: Online Stock Trading Investment account is a short term investment account that capital market participants can get the username of the Pasargad online stock trading by opening this account in Bank Pasargad branches without having to go to Pasargad brokerage offices.


  • One Year Long Term Investment Account: Depositors who have spare cash that will not be used in the short term, can open One Year Long Term Investment account with the minimum amount of Rls500.000 to receive interest. This type of account will be matured after a year and if account holders withdraw full or part of their money, they will receive less interest according to the time elapsed from opening date. On due date, the deposit can be extended for another year based on the customer's instruction with new conditions. The interest rate which announced Central Bank of Iran will be paid to depositors monthly.


Table of Term investment accounts Interest rate


Term of Investment

Interest Rate

short  term


3 months


6 months


9 months


One year