Hashtom Building Urbanization Company

Company Introduction

Hashtom Building Urbanization Company, private joint stock, has been registered on 6 Aug 2006, under the number 276311, by the Tehran Administration of registration of companies and industrial ownership.


Company fields of work

  • Investment or partnership in building projects and selling them directly or indirectly
  • Domestic and offshore investment in buying, selling, operating, possessing, establishing, building, developing, completing, assigning and renting kinds of residential, administrative, welfare and commercial units, factories, and productive companies including industrial, mineral, agricultural and building ones; Also this company can transfer asset shares to third parties through leasing.
  • Investment in buying, partnership, possessing, renting, mortgaging, assigning and selling tangible and intangible property which is usable or not-usable; this company also can attract investment.
  • Assigning, renting, offering and selling the units and companies in which hashtom company invest, through the Stock Exchange or other means, after preparing and reforming those units and companies.

Objectives and Missions

  • Reconstruction and restoration of the section 4 of the worn-out area surrounding Imam Reza Holy Shrine located in the holy city of Mashhad through consultation, designing, building and operation; the land-uses can be commercial, administrative, residential, hotel and service.
  • Constructing any kind of building project
  • Partnership and investment in constructing residential, administrative, commercial and recreation buildings, settlements and complexes





Board of Directors



Ali Abdol Ali Zadeh

Head of board of directors

Ali Soleimani Shayesteh

Vice-head of board of directors

Seyed Esmaeil Mofidi

Managing director and member of board of directors

Ali Karimi Ghodusi

member of board of directors

Esmaeil Dusti

member of board of directors



Contact information

Tel: +982122383594, +982122383701

Fax: +982122383701

E-mail: info@hashtom.ir

Address: floor 3, No. 10, Sepidar St., Shahid Juriki boulevard, Gheysar Amin Pur (Shahrdari) Square, Sa'adat Abad, Tehran, Iran