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Arzesh Afarinan Pasargad Group, the investment company of Bank Pasargad was established in Jan 2006 and listed as a multi-disciplinary holding under the Tehran Stock Exchange. The initial capital of the company was $6.6 million which has been increased in several phases and finally reached $253.3 million. In recent capital structure, the capital is going to increase to $333 million.

The main function of the company is to identify opportunities and threats in various investment fields with the aim of maximizing the Pasargad Financial Group’s value.

The Company is one of the most experienced one in the Pasargad Financial Group which plays an important role in establishment and shaping of financial and industrial services of Bank Pasargad. As the investment holding, the Company is active in power, energy, financial services, mining, construction and ICT.

The Total Asset Value is about $1.6 billion showing a steady growth over the past five years. Based on 2015-2016 annual report, The Company’s investments portfolio amounts to $576 million and the net profit is about $92.5 million. Arzesh Afarinan Pasargad is ranked 92 among hundred top companies in Iran in 2015-2016 in terms of revenue with sales of $453 million.

We have the aim to maximize our shareholders’ value through investments in a diversified portfolio including mining, energy, construction, information technology and financial services. Placing among the top ten investment companies in the country in terms of revenue in the next five years is our vision.


Find out more about them:   www.pasargadbankinvestment.com


Board Members

Ali Soleimani Shayesteh         


Mojtaba Zavar

Board Member

Ali Akbar Amin Tafreshi

Vice Chairman

Mojtaba Kobari

Board Member & CEO

Rasoul Saadi

Board Member