Mabnaye khavaremianeh

Mabnaye khavaremianeh private joint stock
An introduction and a brief background :
Mabnaye khavaremianeh  has been established and registered at the registration of companies and industrial  ownership  office of Tehran /under the registration No .286449 ,dated 1385/10/06 (30 rd. of sep.2006) .

Last Registered capital: 5,850,000,000,000 Rials
Scope of activities : Investment and/or partnership in establishment ,execution ,development,        completion , reconstruction  and commissiong   of industrial  projects  of any kind, in the fields of mining and metal industries (mabna means mining as a substitute  for Iranian oil) and also investment and     partnership  in other areas of economic ,industrial and commercial activities in local and International markets.

Goals and mission :
Investment and    partnership with private  sector   in establishment of defined companies in the fields   of mining and metal industries , cooperation  in initiation and development of projects and strategic  plans in macro level in conjunction with other companies involved in mining and metal industries, to secure maximum productivity for the capital of the companyʾs shareholder, to recognizing new opportunities to develop the business  and metal industries.

We are the major shareholder of MIDHCo (Middle East mines and mineral industries development holding company),having 30 percent of the share of this company .
Board of directors :  
Name and surname                                                         position
Mr Abolghasem  Jamshidi                                  Chairman of  Board of   directors   
Mr seyed kazem Mirvalad                                  Member  of  Board of   directors   
Mr Ali Asghar pourmand                                    Member  of   Board of   directors   
Mr Esfandiar Azimi                                              Deputy of Head ofBoard of directors
Mr Hadi Jamalian                                                 Member  of   Board of   directors  
Mr Ali Farrokhi                                                      Managing director


Contact Informaion:
Tel : 22057423,22059129
Fax : 22057421
Email : info@memabna.com
Add: second floor, No.68 , armaghane,gharbi st. , valieasr Avenue , north of niayesh  crossroad Tehran,Iran