Retail Banking


Bank Pasargad offers variety of accounts that divided into two types; Gharzalhasaneh Account and Term Investment Account which are described as below:

  • Gharzolhassaneh Account: This is an interest free account based on Gharzalhasaneh Contract.
    • Gharzalhasaneh Saving Account
    • Special Gharzalhasaneh Saving Account
    • Gharzalhasaneh Current Account


  • Term Investment Account: Term Investment Account is a deposit that has a fixed term with maturity to the maximum of one year which should remain at least one month to provide interest.
    • Short Term Investment Account
    • Short Term Investment Account for Students
    • Special Short Term Investment Account
    • Pasargad Green Account
    • Online Stock Trading Investment Account
    • One Year Long Term Investment Account


  • Certificate Of Deposit: There are two types of certificate of deposit:
    • Certificate Of Deposit for General Investment
    • Certificate Of Deposit for Specific Investment


  • Different types of Bank Pasargad Cards: By considering customers' needs, Bank Pasargad offers different types of card to customers consisting:
    • Debit Card
      •  Cash card: It is a banking card which customers can withdraw cash from their accounts, pay their bills or transfer money through ATMs or other online banking services. Customers can also do their purchases in retail stores through Point Of Sales.
      • Family Card: Family card is a way for depositors to manage their family expenses. Parents can apply this kind of card for all members of family and set the limit on any of these cards, so each family members will receive a debit card for daily usage.
      • Student Card: Students can withdraw their money through ATMs or do their purchases through online banking and POS by using student card.
    • Credit Card: The Pasargad Credit Card provides the customers a certain amount of credit for a specific duration, actually it gives them an option to borrow funds. Cardholders can use their credit card for retail or online shopping. Customers can pay their credit card bills by one of the following methods:
      • Paying their bills less than 7 days after issuing it by bank to recharge their credit card.
      • Turning bill into short-term, mid-term or long-term loan with 12, 24 or 36 instalments.
    • Prepaid Card
      • Gift Card: A prepaid payment unrechargeable card in various patterns and amount (up to Rls5.000.000) which customers can purchase from Pasargad branches or receive from Pasargad financial Kiosks to offer as a gift. It can be cashed at Pasargad ATMs or used for shopping at any retail shop through POS or online use.
      • Payroll Card: Payroll card is a prepaid rechargeable card which is an alternative to direct deposit or cheques. It is financed and paid by applicant company and allows cardholders to access their money through ATMs or purchase at retail shop through POS.
      • Loyalty Card: It is a card which our business customers offer to their loyal customers as a reward to encourage them to continue using their services. (for example issuing card by Mahan Airline for its loyal passengers)