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Iranian Reinsurance Company

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Iranian Reinsurance Company (Iranian Re), was incorporated in 2010 and commenced its operation on 16th March 2010 with its registered office in Tehran, after obtaining its operation License from the Iranian Insurance Supervisory Authority, “Bimeh Markazi Iran”.

Iranian Reinsurance Company is proud to be the first Public Joint Stock Reinsurance Company in Islamic Republic of Iran, totally financed by private sector.

The Company is registered under the authorization of the Establishment Law of Non-Governmental Insurance Institutions as well as the Iranian Stock Exchange Regulations.

The main objective of Iranian Reinsurance Company is set to meet the increasing demand of reinsurance protection by a fairly growing number of domestic Insurance Companies, and also Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of the Region.

The paid capital of Iranian Reinsurance Company is IRR 2,010 billion; The Company initially commenced its operations with 50% paid up capital. The paid-up capital was increased in three stages to 56%, 69% and 84.5% respectively in three consecutive years ending 2013 and full payment of the authorized capital was achieved in 2014.

Iranian Reinsurance Company intends to assist local Insurers in managing their risks more effectively, utilizing all the existing potentials and establishing a constructive and long term relationship with the International Reinsurance Markets.

Iranian Reinsurance Company enjoys experienced and well-trained staff with high education background and a highly qualified management team, well-known in the Iranian Insurance Industry.




  • To Create Value and make reasonable and steady Profit;

A proper, reasonable and steady profit can be obtained by creating a Homogeneous Portfolio of Reinsurance Business together with effective investment of financial resources

  • Social and National Responsibility;

Besides pursuing the interests of Shareholders, Iranian Re has the responsibility to participating and performing an effective role in development of Insurance Industry as well as economic growth of the country.


The Overall Objectives can be met by pursuing and implementing the Strategic Goals of the Company as set below:

Gaining a Proper Market Share in the Local Reinsurance Market;

Effective participation in increasing the Capacity as well as Retention of the Local Insurance Market;

Being recognized as a well reputable Reinsurance Company in the emerging markets of the Region;

Building an effective and constructive business relationship with regional and International Insurance and Reinsurance Markets;

Efficient and Optimum Investment of Financial Resources;


“To become a Capable and Professional Leading Reinsurance Company in the Local and Regional Markets and a Recognized Reinsurer in the International Markets”


Facultative and Treaty Reinsurance Business

Iranian Re has the skill, experience and Technical know-how to support its clients in all aspects of Reinsurance. Our experienced Underwriting Team provide a wide range of services in designing, structuring and implementing risk transfer programs in all different Insurance lines:

  • Facultative Solutions in all lines of Business, including Traditional as well as Tailor Made Solutions;
  • Treaty Solutions in both Proportional and Non-Proportional;
  • Every Facultative Offer, regardless of the volume of risk, is a new challenge for the Iranian Re’s Team;
  • Our Technical Team has the experience in analyzing statistics and structuring the Proportional and Non- Proportional Treaties, by focusing on our Clients’ needs;
  • We aim at “Providing a Secure and High Quality Coverage as well as the Best Cost Effective Solutions” for our clients, matching their particular needs;

Consultancy Services

In addition to the Traditional Reinsurance Business, Iranian Re offers a wide range of expertise and various Reinsurance Consulting Services to help its clients adapt to the changing insurance market, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their reinsurance operations and boost their businesses in the short-term while positioning themselves for long-term success;

Iranian Re is a Proactive Company, with the power to move quickly and easily to a different product mix in order to shape what its clients want or demand and to respond accordingly;

Iranian Re, together with the rest of Insurance Industry, strongly supports the efficient Risk Management;


Board of Directors

Dr. Mojtaba Kobari


Mr. Seyed Mohammad Asoudeh

Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Hojjat Poustinchi

Executive Member-Head of Technical Steering Committee

Mr. Mohammad Mihanyar

Executive Member- Reinsurance Deputy Managing Director


Contact Details

Tel: (+9821) 8862 8611 – 16

Fax:(+9821) 8862 8617

Email: info@iranianre.com

Website: http://www.iranianre.com

Address: No. 5, Zayandeh Roud St., North Shirazi St., Molla Sadra Ave., Tehran – Iran

Postal Code: 6245879455554