Shenasa (a.k.a. Pishgaman Amin Sarmayeh Pasargad) was founded in 2012 as the Venture Capital arm of Pasargad financial group, one of the largest private financial institution in Iran.
Shenasa is the very first venture capital firm founded in Iran, and one of the major players in Iran entrepreneurship ecosystem. In fact, due to our financial capacity, we can invest in high‐growth potential technology ventures throughout their development cycle using our patent investment.
We at Shenasa proudly assess our applications considering innovation, social responsibility, and profitability all‐together.

has a wide range of investment interests including, but not limited to:

  • healthcare industry
  • Energy and resource management
  • lifestyle

During the past 4 years, we received more than 1000 investment proposal applications within a large range of fields of technology.  Now Our portfolio working in many different fields such as:


•     healthcare industry:

  • cancer treatment
  • cochlear implants
  • Rehabilitation Robotic
  • Bio electromagnetic stimulation
  • Bio feedback and mental rehabilitation
  • ….


•    Energy and resource management:

  • Industrial Automation System
  • technical know-how in water exploiting and Power Projects Management
  • electric, hybrid and solar vehicles
  • ….


•    Lifestyle:

  • mobile games
  • anti-malware systems and services
  • education and training equipment and services
  • ….

Our venture capital investment professionals try to create and define new investment opportunity. They also monitor startup demo‐days to explore new investment opportunities.
Last, we closely work with a large numbers of local universities, research centers, science and technology parks, industrial holding, and start‐up accelerators due to our proven record in building a trustful and fruitful partnership.